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Early Leicester Punk Scene
Poster for The Clash gig at Leicester De Montfort Hall 1977. The poster has the wrong spelling for The De Mont

The Damned Leicester 1977

The day after THE DAMNED De Montfort Hall gig in 1977 The front page of Leicester's Mercury newspaper carried the headline 'PUNK ROCK SHOCKER: DEMAND FOR INQUIRY'. The report stated that a band member had 'spat beer at the crowd' and that another band member had 'bathed in spit from the audience and then spat back'. There were also reports of a naked woman in the crowd. An accompanying editorial called it 'one of the most odious exhibitions that could be imagined in a place of entertainment', and the paper carried calls for a full council investigation into how the gig was allowed to go ahead

.June 1977,Leicester Poly bans all Punk and 'New Wave' bands....


The Clash Leicester Granby Halls July 1978

Steel Pulse 1978
Free £1 Off Steel Pulse Album voucher for Revolver Records in Leicester, given away at their gig supporting The Stranglers at the De Montfort Hall in 1978

The Damned / The Misfits 1979

Nov 1979 The Misfits support The Damned at Leicester De Montfort Hall for their only UK gig and have a falling out and go back home  to the USA the next day

Same gig The Damned have their demo tapes stolen


CHRON GEN Live cassette recording from the "Apocalypse Now Tour" Leicester De Montfort Hall,28 June 1981.Limited to 2000 copies

Leicester Punkzines 1970's/80's

Some of the Pubs/Clubs/Venues that played punk in the early days

The Princess Charlotte became The Charlotte, Bands played The University ,Polytechnic and the bigger bands played De Montfort Hall and Granby Halls. In 1977 we had a punk DJ in the downstairs Cellar at The Hind Pub on a sunday night. And from 79 On a monday night for a couple of years we had a punk DJ and bands at the night club Scamps

Early Leicester Punk and New Wave bands

RAbid, one of the earliest Leicester Punk bands,formed around 1979
Where The Hell Is Leicester
Where The Hell is Leicester,compilation album from 1981


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